New Release: Ribamatic TOP30 Automatic Roll Cutter

Ribamatic has designed the TOP30automatic roll cutting machine specially for cutting Vinyl flooring Rolls, Linoleum and carpets among others.
Carles Riba

This machine is specially indicated for TPO, Asphaltic Bitumen, EPDM, Fiberglass and Carbon, Fabrics and Vertical Blinds.

Why Ribamatic  is your best Choice?

  1. The main vinyl rolls manufacturers are already using this system with big success.
  2. Our cutting system doesnt warm the material while cutting, avoid melted edges.
  3. Quick handling onto the rollers which opens and close auotmatic.
  4. Automatic Blade sharpener at the same machine.
  5. Fully automatic system for roll wrapping and roll cutting after.
  6. 4.0 slitter with wifi routing conection and ERP conectivity.
  7. Special Blade lubrication, we avoid oils and liquids.

Do it right the first time

  • Our technology allows to slit this material with high accuracy with the mínimum human labour.
  • Instead of cutting manually unwinding the Rolls an cutting with cutter, our machine cuts the whole roll in a few seconds.
  • Our cutting technology is really efficient as  we dont melt the layers while cutting, you can unwind the roll easily without sticked surfaces.


Carles Riba

Co-founder and CEO of Ribamatic, company with more than 75 years in the market, leading the roll slitting industry, band knife and inspection machines for a huge range of materials such as pvc, banners, textiles, nonwovens, paper and others.

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