Roll slitting machines

Our roll cutting machines are easier to cut, requires less maintenance, can be used for all kind of materials and has higher performance than our competitors. The shaftless system allows to make a cut in a few seconds.
Roll slitter MASSIVE - Ribamatic

Roll slitter MASSIVE

The next generation of fully automatic roll cutters, its a high tech baloney slicer ready for cutting any kind of materials in a roll form.

Roll Slitter ICON - Ribamatic

Roll slitter ICON

ICON  automatic roll cutter for sawing big  diameter rolls of papers and pvc vinyls. Its handling system allows agility, security and fast cutting process.

Roll Slitter STELLAR - Ribamatic

Roll slitter KIT

KIT is the Programmable roll cutting machine specially built for slitting different lengths and diameters into narrower and accurate strips.

Roll Slitter Rewinder ARTIK-PRO - Ribamatic

Roll slitter & Rewinder ARTIK

Artik is the best design for processing vinyl and window film rolls among others. Allows fast deliveries in short time.

TOP Series

Roll Slitter TOP60 - Ribamatic

Roll slitter TOP60

Fully automatic roll slitter for huge rolls in diameter and lenght

Roll Slitter TOP50 - Ribamatic

Roll slitter TOP50

The best roll slitter for nonwovens and composites.

Roll Slitter TOP40 - Ribamatic

Roll slitter TOP40

The quickest & most reliable roll slitting machine.

Roll Slitter TOP30 - Ribamatic

Roll slitter TOP30

Our jewel of the crown, The best shaftless roll cutter machine.

Ribamatic Paper Roll Saw TOP30p

Roll slitter TOP30P

The ultimate Paper Roll Saw

Roll Slitter TOP30 5m

Roll slitter TOP30 5m

The shaftless roll cutter machine.

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