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RIBAMATIC has been established in the year 1920 and since then we’ve designed and manufactured high quality machines for the Automotive, Aeronautics, Digital printing, Sun protection, Home textiles and Apparel industries.


We offer a huge range of manual and semi-automatic and fully automtatic machines and we can propose to each customer the machines more suitable for their production.

The World is the location of our machinery customers and agents, and we have many machines already installed , with many satisfied customers reaping the benefits of improved production and often an extended service offering.

All equipment supplied is of a high quality build and reliability. Being fully supported by our engineers, provides peace of mind to our customers and the confidence of placing their trust in RIBAMATIC.

Our headquarter and manufacturing is located in the city of Igualada, at 50 km from Barcelona city center and at 40 km from El Prat Airport.

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