What to consider before buying a roll slitter machine

Investing in an industrial roll slitting machine is a significant decision that can impact your production efficiency and overall business operations.
Carles Riba
RIBAMATIC showcased the latest cutting technology at REMA DAYS in Poland the biggest show for Digital Printing in Europe.

To make an informed choice, it’s essential to consider various factors that align with your specific needs and operational constraints. Below are the key aspects you should evaluate before making your purchase:

Defining your needs for your new roll slitter

  • Material types to cut: Determine the materials you’ll be cutting, such as textiles, PVC, fiberglass, or geotextiles. Different machines handle various materials with different levels of efficiency.
  • Slitting capacity: Assess the maximum width and diameter of the rolls the machine can handle. Make sure it matches your production requirements.
  • Precision and speed: Look for a machine that offers high precision and cutting speed to enhance productivity and reduce waste.
  • Ease of use: Choose a machine with an intuitive interface and minimal maintenance needs to minimize downtime and operational costs.

Power requirements and consumption

Consider the power specifications of the machine. Ensure your facility can support the electrical load and that the energy consumption aligns with your operational budget.

Production performance

Evaluate the roll slitting machine’s throughput capabilities. High-speed, accurate machines can significantly boost production efficiency and output.

Space requirements

Measure the available space in your facility and ensure the roll slitter’s dimensions fit comfortably. Consider the layout for easy operation and maintenance access and also security distances.

Labor commitment

Understand the level of skilled labor required to operate and maintain the machine. Training may be necessary for optimal performance and safety. The more automated and simple it is to use, the easier it will be to delegate the tasks of cutting and processing the rolls.

Warranty, support and maintenance

Look for machines that come with a comprehensive warranty and robust technical support. Regular maintenance and readily available spare parts are crucial for minimizing downtime.

Safety considerations

Ensure the machine includes safety features to protect operators. This includes emergency stop functions, safety guards, and sensors to prevent accidents.

Level of digitalization and automation

Consider machines with advanced digital controls and automation capabilities. Automated machines can improve efficiency, reduce human error, and provide greater consistency. Touch screens with pre-configured cutting programs or connected cutting machines are always recommended for better updating with upcoming electronic features and for remote support.

Think also in the small details

Machines with auto-maintenance features can help in reducing downtime and ensuring consistent performance. Look for features such as automatic blade lubrication and self-diagnostic systems. For exemple consider to introduce a quick and clean self sharpen for the cutting blade, ethernet connection for a better integration in you production process, laser marks for precission, touch screens with preconfigured cutting programs, wrapping system, emergency stoppers, etc.


Establish a clear budget that includes the purchase price, installation, training, maintenance and possible upgrades. Balancing costs with the capabilities and benefits of the roll cutting machine is key to making a solid investment. Cheaper options tend to be more expensive in the medium term. The more durable a roll cutter is, the lower the cost per hour of use. All without taking into account the productivity that will contribute to the economy of scale of your company.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you select an industrial roll slitting machine that meets your production needs and provides long-term value for your business.

Carles Riba

Co-founder and CEO of Ribamatic, company with more than 75 years in the market, leading the roll slitting industry, band knife and inspection machines for a huge range of materials such as pvc, banners, textiles, nonwovens, paper and others.

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