Roll slitter TOP30P for paper

The definitive slitter for industry paper roll cutting.

Roll slitter TOP30P for paper Main features

  • Saw Blade with vacuum system
  • Touch screen for programming the cutting widths.
  • Able to créate material recipes.
  • 2 lateral panels with core locking device through expansion ring.
  • Any kind of material in roll form can be cut.
  • Shaftless, easy roll handling onto the rollers.
  • No need to put the roll in any specific place onto the rollers, just drop it at any place.
  • Cutting head locks and unlocks automatically before the cut, we avoid screwing every time.
  • Make one cut in 5”.
  • Cut neat and clean, no wires after the cut, no melting surfaces.
  • High precision measurements – 0.01 mm.
  • Any core size can be cut, no need to rewind the roll before using the machine.
  • Automatic cooling system – air gun 0º.

TOP30p Saw paper rolls was developed to slit reliably and accurately Sublimation and Protection paper as well as Kraft paper Rolls for the paper industry and suppliers of dye sublimation fabric.

Our roll slitting machine allows to slit any kinf of papers, heavy rolls are designed to be loaded onto the cradle, it avoids problems of damaged cores.

The TOP30p has been developed for processing any kind of materials in rolls, the blade cuts through the material and core in just a few seconds. The roll is placed easily onto the rollers holding the roll, so this process allows the worker to handle the process in a safe and easy way.

Our roll slitting machine is specially designed for cutting paper Rolls for the dye sublimation industry, this market is one of our main sectors nowadays.

Blade and roll speed are adjustables, we lock the roll from the inside part through an expansion ring made of rubber, we avoid axial movements during the cutting process.

An adjustable blade lubrication system is assembled to keep the blade cool during the cut – this 0ºC system avoids that the blade heats up during the cutting process.

A touch screen is real y useful for the width programming, the machine stops automatically at the programmed size.

Technical data


Up to 160kg or 330lb


Up to 5m or 200in


1 cutting head

Diameter max.

Up to 30cm or 12in


400V - 480V - 240V - 120V

Automatization degree

Semiautomatic - Automatic


Digital printing, Digital printing industry, Paper mills, Paper resellers


Kraft paper, Packaging paper, Papers, Sublimation paper rolls, Wallpapers

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