How does it works a rewinder machine?

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A rewinder machine is a machine that is used to wind a roll of material, such as paper, film, or tape, into a smaller roll or into a specific shape. There are several types of rewinder machines, including surface winders, center winders, and coreless winders, each of which operates slightly differently.

In general, a rewinder machine consists of a series of rollers or drums that the material is fed through, as well as a drive system that rotates the rollers or drums to wind the material onto a spindle or core. Some rewinder machines also have additional features, such as slitting or cutting systems, to cut the material into specific lengths or widths.

To operate a rewinder machine, the operator typically loads the material onto the machine and sets the desired winding parameters, such as the winding speed, the width of the material, and the size of the finished roll. The machine then winds the material onto the spindle or core, using the drive system and rollers or drums to control the tension and position of the material. Once the roll is complete, the operator can remove it from the machine and prepare it for use or storage.

Carles Riba

Co-founder and cEO of Ribamatic, company with more than 75 years in the market, leading the roll slitting industry, band knife and inspection machines for a huge range of materials such as pvc, banners, textiles, nonwovens, paper and others.
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