Best Roll cutters for the Digital Printing & Sign industries.

Ribamatic offers the best cutting solution for the Digital printing industry.
Carles Riba
Ribamatic - Roll Slitter TOP4.0

We exhibited last week in Atlanta at Printing United show the biggest event worldwide for the printing industry.

We showcased the latest technology for cutting  pvc banner Rolls wihout melting the edges, our Cooling system along with the sharpener device allows  to cut clean and perfect squared Rolls.

Roll to roll pritning machines need the roll edges well cut in order to avoid issues with the print heads, same happens with

textile Rolls, if machines doesnt cut well it appears threads after the cut. Working with the Ribamatic roll slitters  we avoid threads after the cut and the print is perfect and quick.

Ribamati Roll Slitter TOP40 at Atlanta Printed United Ribamati Roll Slitter TOP40 at Atlanta Printed United

Carles Riba

Co-founder and CEO of Ribamatic, company with more than 75 years in the market, leading the roll slitting industry, band knife and inspection machines for a huge range of materials such as pvc, banners, textiles, nonwovens, paper and others.

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