Roll slitter TOP50

The best roll slitter for nonwovens and composites.

Roll slitter TOP50 Main features

  • Diameter: Rolls up to 52 cm or 25”
  • Width: Rolls up to 5 m or 200”
  • Guaranteeing a perfect cut, no wires, no melting surfaces.
  • Machine operated via HMI touch screen – Materials list.
  • Any kind of material in roll form can be cut.
  • Shaftless, easy & safe roll handling onto the rollers.
  • No need to put the roll in any specific place onto the rollers, just drop it at any place.
  • Automatic self-sharpening, no need to change the blade.
  • Cutting head locks and unlocks automatically, we avoid screwing every time.
  • High precision measurements – 0.01 mm.
  • Any core size can be cut, no need to rewind the roll before using the machine.
  • Automatic cooling system – air gun 0º.

This machine cuts nonwoven rolls without melting surfaces at the right size.

Ribamatic, the worldwide well known roll slitting machine maker is providing to the nonwoven industry the best solution for cutting big diameter rolls into narrower strips to feed face cover machines. Our commitment to help against the Covid-19 with the latest roll cutter Top50 is our main priority. This machine cuts nonwoven rolls without melting surfaces at the right size. Composites market is another sector where the Ribamatic roll cutting machine is the best in the market. Its most common material is chopped strand mat or CSM, which is a form of reinforcement used in fiberglass, also in biaxial fiberglass, listed in order by increasing overall weight. Another material with high demand is Carbon fiber, which is usually combined with other materials to form a composite. Pultrusion, eolic blade and pipe manufacturers are some of the main sectors, among others.

Ribamatic assembles the latest technology in HMI touch screens. This system allows the worker to choose the material from the screen with all the parameters saved for each material, no need to adjust settings every time. The machine arrives to the customer facilities with all the roll adjustments for each material, so setting it up is easy!

We are committed to make our customers’ lives easy. For this reason, we assemble the most sophisticated technology in our sharpening process, which is the key of the success for cutting nonwoven fabrics and fiberglass.

Technical data


Up to 700kg or 1500lb


Up to 5m or 200in


1 cutting head – 2 cutting heads

Diameter max.

Up to 52cm or 21in


400V - 480V - 240V - 120V

Automatization degree

Semiautomatic – Automatic


Aeronautics, Automotive, Fiberglass pipes, Filters industry, Geotextiles, Health industry, Home textile industry, Mattress manufacturers, Military, Pultrusion lines, Wind blade manufacturers, Yacht industries


Biaxial mat, Carbon fibers, Carpets, Chopped strand mat, Fabrics, Felt fabrics, Fiberglass, Multiaxial, Nonwovens, Polyethylene fabrics, Prepreg, Triaxial mat, Veil fiberglass

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