Roll Slitter & Rewinder HERMES

In line rewinder slitter built to advance
Roll Slitter Rewinder HERMES - Ribamatic
Roll Slitter Rewinder HERMES - Ribamatic
Roll Slitter Rewinder HERMES - Ribamatic

Roll Slitter & Rewinder HERMES Main features

  • Tension control by dancer or loading cell.
  • Automatic band guide.
  • Circular blade and Crush cutting system.
  • Independent blade motor.
  • Independent motor and tension control on each rewinder shaft.
  • Rewinder shafts with independent frictions.
  • Hydraulic, powered unloading hander.
  • Control of all machine functions by HMI
  • Loading: Hydraulic reel loading.
  • Guidance: Band guide unit by reading the edge of the reel
  • Pneumatic brake with automatic adjustament.
  • Rewinding with self-blocking individual clutches per cut.
  • Installed power: 20 Kw
  • Speed: 400 m/mi

The ultimate roll slitter and rewinder

Our machine is an ultimate Slitter and Rewinder Machine for its accurate slitting and rewinding qualities. It ensures perfect slitting of rolls with consistent, flawless results and constant line speed. It is available in adaptable model to suit your requirement. 

Our Slitter Rewinder Machine is available in Rewinder, Duplex surface slitter and Rewinder and Cantilever differential slitter and Rewinder. Our Slitting Rewinding Machine is renowned for its accurate slitting at a higher speed and vibration less working.

Technical data


Up to 1.000kg or 900lb.


Up to 3.2m or 200in


Double system: rigid blades and flexible circular blades

Diameter max.

Up to 100cm or 40in


400V - 480V - 240V - 120V

Automatization degree



Health industry, Home textile industry


Fabrics, Nonwovens, PET plastics

Any other rolled material to cut ?

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