Roll slitter & Rewinder ARTIK PRO

ARTIK is the best design for processing vinyl and window film rolls among others, reduce the stock cutting and rewinding just in time, allows fast deliveries in short time.

Roll slitter & Rewinder ARTIK PRO Main features

  • Unwinding and rewinding machine, speed up to 1 m/s / 3 ft/s.
  • Rewinding and slitting up to 1.65 m or 64”.
  • Operation via HMI touch screen – Programming lengths with automatic stop.
  • Connectivity to MIS/ERP to send cut orders to the machine.
  • Material list for an easy-to-work mode.
  • Roll cutter option TO CUT ROLLS INTO STRIPS.
  • Automatic blade wet system for glued materials.
  • Single-side shaft for an easy-to-handle process.
  • Digital counter for cutting widths.
  • Cross cutter to separate the processed roll.

Rewinding-cutting & roll slitting machine for film converters and advertising suppliers.

Ribamatic is committed to quality and continuous improvement in film converters and self-adhesive vinyl suppliers. Our highly efficient rewinding system for any kind of materials in rolls gives us the possibility to sell this equipment in any market all over the world.

Being an extremely precise and quick roll cutting device, ARTIKPRO provides flexibility and efficiency to stock material, reducing waste in roll supply and offering high productivity as well as fast return to your capital investment.

The cutting head is blocked through a pushbutton device which locks and unlocks the unit. When we want to move to the next cutting width, we press the button and move to the desired size. It also includes a big digital screen where we can see the actual size and we can give 0 point.

The vinyl rewinder machine has an HMI touch screen where we can choose the slitting mode or rewinding mode. On the cutting mode, we are able to set the list of roll parameters and choose the roll speed. 

The lubrication system, which is automatic and keeps the blade wet during the cut, prevents glue from being sticked on the cutting blade. As we dislike manual can spraying system because it is dangerous for the worker itself, our system is fully automatic.

The main shaft is composed of some rings which have a 75 mm or 50 mm diameter, depending on the core size.

Rewinding with ARTIKPRO is the easiest thing! The roll only needs to be handled inside a shaftless system below the machine. Then, the worker programs the required length or it is set as automatic by the ERP from the customer. Once the material is rewinded, the machine sends the processed length accompanied by the reference previously transmitted.

The rewinder machine stops automatically once it reaches the programmed length and cuts the sheet for the next operation – There is an integrated cutting system after the rewinding process. We are able to adjust the tension while rewinding, so we can give more or less tension to the end roll. Speed is also adjustable during the process.

Technical data


Up to 25kg or 55lb


Up to 165cm or 65in


1 cutting head.

Diameter max.

Up to 21 cm or 9in


240V - 120V

Automatization degree

Automatic and Programmable


Adhesive and self-adhesive manufacturers, Advertising, Car wrapping industry, Digital printing, Film converters and manufacturers, Ppo window film resellers, Pvc tents


Bopp films, Lexan films, Magnetic paper, Mask tapes, Photo paper, Photo papers, Sensitive vinyl, Sign vinyl, Wallpapers, Pet window films, Ppf films

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