Roll slitter MASSIVE

The next generation of fully automatic roll cutters

Roll slitter MASSIVE Main features

  • Shaftless roll slitting machine, easy and safe roll loading.
  • Guaranteeing a perfect cut, no wires, no melting surfaces.
  • Automatic wrap & cut system.
  • Automatic machine operated via HMI touch screen.
  • Connectivity  ERP to OPC server.
  • Wi-Fi remote online connection.
  • No need to put the roll in any specific place onto the rollers, just drop it at any place.
  • Laser system to automatically find the edge of the roll.
  • Automatic self-sharpening, no need to change the blade.
  • High precision measurements – 0.01 mm.
  • Automatic cooling system – air gun 0º.

Automatic & fully programable Efficient, time-saving, with minimal use from personnel and equipment.

The MASSIVE roll cutter was initially designed for the Mattress manufacturers in France and Spain. The roll slitting machine is also available in a layout with circular knife blade to cut fabrics and nonwoven rolls.

This roll slitting design allows optimal material flow and automated handling, which makes it specially well-suited for integration in an individual production line.

The whole machine frame is made in aluminum profile and protected by guards and  fencing devices. A Scanner Laser Technology, now fully integrated with the power of Milestone, delivers exceptional detection and verification capabilities while minimizing nuisance alarms.

The worker just drop the roll onto the cradle and automatically the slitter knows the roll diameter and length thanks to its left Y axle paddle. 

Intelligent roll cutting machine which wraps the whole roll and cut the plastic film automatically.

The automatic  roll cutter is indicated for fabrics, textiles, carpets, tpo roofing materials is widely used in nonwoven mills and fiberglass dealers or manufacturers,

MASSIVE  is also a Baloney slicer for pvc coated materials in a roll form, indicated for manufacturers of awning fabrics, screen fabrics, woven flooring, upholstery and marine fabrics.

Technical data


Up to 300kg or 670lb


Up to 5m or 200in


1 cutting head

Diameter max.

Up to 60 cm or 24in


400V - 480V

Automatization degree

Automatic and Programmable


Composites, Geotextiles, Mattress manufacturers, Flooring & Roofing - Composites


Biaxial mat, Carbon fibers, Carpets, Chopped strand mat, Felt fabrics, Fiberglass, Nonwovens, Polypropylene, Sandbags, Triaxial mat, Veil fiberglass, Woven polyethylene fabrics, Woven polypropylene

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