Rewinder PULP

Rolling to high efficiency!

Rewinder PULP Main features

  • Roll to roll measuring and rewinding machine for technical textiles and fabrics.
  • Easy roll handling onto the two rollers with panels to avoid axial movement.
  • Finished roll onto the two rollers and sliding panels.
  • Automatic edge guidance for better presentation.
  • Tensionless system adjustable for stretch fabrics processing.
  • Adjustable hardness for the finished roll.
  • Cross-cutting machine equipped with self-sharpening device.
  • Rewinding speed up to 1 m/s / 3 ft/s.
  • Foot-operated on/off switch.
  • Operation via HMI touch screen – Programming lengths with automatic stop.
  • Connectivity to MIS/ERP to send cut orders to the machine.
  • Material list for an easy-to-work mode.
  • Fiberglass fabrics, silk, PVC, velvet, cotton, technical textiles.

Our rewinding machine PULP is able to process any kind of material in roll form, it is built to take even further the quality of roll presentation, and it is specially indicated for composites and technical textiles industries.

Easy and safe roll handling process, which avoids putting the roll inside a shaft. We can adjust speed between the cradle and the output rollers, so we can control the stretch tension of the material for knitted, woven, and nonwovens. Automatic threading system which clamps the material from the back part and puts it onto the rollers which are in the front of the machine, so the first layer goes automatically to the front part of the machine onto the driven rollers.

Photocell automatic edge guidance for high quality roll presentation and squared edges.

Cross-cutter device equipped with a cutting machine and self-sharpening.

Two small rollers where the finished roll can be placed.

We can increase or decrease the speed during the rewinding action through an external potentiometer. We can adjust the end roll hardness during the process.

Technical data


Up to 600 kg or 700 lb


Up to 5m or 200in



Diameter max.

Up to 70cm or 30in


400V - 480V - 240V - 120V

Automatization degree



Apparel, Carpets resellers, Eolic blade manufacturers, Epdm rubbers, Fiberglass, Home textiles, Kitters, Technical textiles


Biaxial mat, Carbon fibers, Carpets, Chopped strand mat, Coated fabrics, Fabrics, Fiberglass, Meltblown, Nonwovens, Spunbond, Textiles, Veils, Woven fabrics

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